Tech Art
A collection of projects focusing on 3D tools and art
Procedural domino animation tool
An addon for blender for creating elaborate domino runs and watching them fall! Made with geometry nodes.

Gum Road
Procedural escalator tool
An addon for blender for quickly creating escalators. All materials are procedural. Made with geometry nodes.

Procedural roller coaster
Another geometry node system that allows for easy roller coaster creation. Inspiration comes from games like roller coaster tycoon and planet coaster.

Hedge Tool
An addon for Blender that turns any mesh into topiary style hedge art. Made with geometry nodes.

Gum Road
UFO Animation
A short animation shooting for realism. Enviroment is a single photo mapped onto crude geometry to get those shadows from eevee.

Toy Car Animation
Another short animation, this time a little car in my apartment.

Backrooms inspired animation
The goal of this was to get as realistic as I could in the eevee engine. Everything made from scratch including the music.