School Projects
Team video game projects completed for school
Game project 1: "Night Walker"
A 2.5D first person horror game inspired by the slender series. The player must navigate a maze and collect items while avoiding eye contact with an elusive monster. The raycasting engine is 100% custom and is capable of:

  • Textured and lit 2.5D walls
  • Point lights
  • Sprites
  • Animated sliding doors
  • Download
    Game project 2: "Deal"
    A turn based rougelike deck building game where the player has a limited number of actions per turn. Using a card uses action points where more powerful cards use more points. Parts of the game I developed:

  • Isometric level rendering
  • Card system
  • Game trailer
  • Download
    Game project 3: "Split Spirit"
    A 2D zen game where the player controls a glowing orb that can possess animals and plants. The player solves chill puzzles to get the orb to the end of the level. Parts I worked on:

  • Player controller
  • Audio/ FMOD implementation
  • Menu system
  • Level music
  • Download
    Game project 4: "Basil and the Isles of Spice"
    A 3rd person adventure game made in Unity. The world is made up of 3 islands, where 2 are initially inaccessible. The player must collect items around the world to unlock the next island. I took more of a tech art role this time. Parts I developed:

  • Water shader/water VFX
  • Fog VFX
  • Terrain shader
  • Various VFX like footprints, whirlwind, ripples etc.