Some CS Projects
A collection of various unfinished CS projects for the purpose of learning and fun
Node based audio synthesis
A custom node system for creating sounds from scratch using math. Create oscillators and build synths from the ground up. WIP.

Live Demo
Live music visualizer
An app that takes MIDI input that controls parameters within the provided premade shaders. Customize a shader loadout to cycle through to create unique visual experiences. Intended for live music performances.

WebGL Testing playground
A basic rendering pipeline with a sort of ECS component system. Used for testing new ideas. I was trying to combine raymarching with regular rendering, which is what's being tested now.

Live Demo
Browser Synth
Another synthesizer, this time in a basic form. Control 3 oscillators. WIP.

Live Demo
Graph maker/visualizer
A simple app that creates graph networks.

Live Demo
Sound Recorder
Another Javascript app that simply records audio input and draws the waveform using custom graphics

Live Demo